PERsonal training

Personal Training allows you one on one professional guidance when it comes to achieving your goals. Here at SG we have helped 100's of people from various backgrounds achieve greatness and change their lives for the better. With our motto 'Training Tailored To You', we focus on you and your lifestyle so we can help incorporate the best health and fitness techniques into your day to day life which not only leads to great results but also helps you maintain these hard earned results into the future.

our packages



  • 1-2-1 Coaching At SG Gym

  • 45 or 60 Minute Sessions

  • Coaching & Support

  • Calorie / Macro Targets

  • 4 Week Packages

  • Discounted For Gym Members

For those in need of a personalised training programme, session compliance and motivational workouts. 



  • 1-2-1 Coaching At SG Gym.

  • 60 Minute Sessions.

  • Workout Programmes For Outside Of Sessions.

  • Online Coaching & Support (Training + Nutrition)

  • App Access (Plans, Diary, Compliance, Support)

  • 4 Week Packages

  • 12 Week Packages *Discounted*

*For those in need of the 'Full Package' to achieve their dream transformations... You tell us where you want to be and we provide the roadmap to get there!

If you are interested in personal training with us please complete our short questionnaire below by clicking the 'ONLINE CONSULTATION' button and we will get back to you as soon as possible.