SG Fit 6 Week Transformations offers you easy access and easy to follow workout programmes designed to give everyone the chance to be part of SG and receive the ultimate fitness solution. These 6 week workout programmes are structured so you can progressively improve week of week no matter what level or experience you may have. This is all provided via our Mobile App Platform allowing you access to a personal profile, weekly workout schedules, calorie targets, feedback and direct access to our SG coaches.

Please See Current Packages Below :


SG FIT | No Kit has been designed so everyone can get involved no matter where you are. Whether your training at home or in the gym, this program is built around the key components of fitness to improve cardiovascular fitness, reduce body fat and maintain muscular strength.


The 3 weekly workouts have been designed with variety to keep every workout fun which can last an average of 30-40 minutes depending on level on intensity.


This is also a great addition to anyone who is currently training within the gym... If you have a programme you are following why not add these circuits onto the end of your training to help burn some additional calories and improve your metabolic conditioning.




• Measurements, pictures and fitness test portfolio (Optional).

3 Structured Bodyweight Circuit Workouts Per Week.

• Active Rest Day Step Targets.

• Initial Calorie Targets If Required.

• Daily Targets And Accountability.

• Workouts Delivered Direct To Your Phone.

• Weekly Feedback Forms + Check Ins Via App Profile.

• Direct Access To Support From SG Coaches.

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